Beautiful Handcrafted Spell Bottles

Beautiful Handcrafted Spell Bottles

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The ones shown are:
Hare - Lust and Attraction
Tree of life - Self love and Confidence
Angel wing - Sleep and Relaxation
Pentagram - Protection and Grounding

These spell bottles have been beautifully handcrafted using blended herbs, crystals and other mixed ingredients traditionally associated with the spells.

Each bottle has been individually cleansed and charged using moon and sage water as well as being crafted with love and intent.

Keep your spell bottle close by. Ideal locations would include by your bed, near to the doorway, on your kitchen windowsill or maybe on your altar. The intent in the bottle is from me to you and made with love.
When needed place your bottle next to a mirror as you gaze and visualise your intent.

Contents are sourced naturally and ethically, as it should be.


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