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Where have all the Warlocks gone? -

Where have all the Warlocks gone?

By John Tolladay. Wednesbury Paranormal.


It seems to me, that a majority of the females I meet, during a Supernatural Investigation, admit to being a Witch. Yet, I hardly hear of any males who admit to being a Warlock (a male witch). The few men I have met who admit to practising magic, have called themselves ‘male Witches’.

This has surprised me greatly, as the idea of my being a ‘Warlock’ had been something I had wanted from an early age. I find the title itself, very appealing and something to aspire to. This had lead me to my question, ‘Where have all the Warlocks gone?

Long gone are the Witches and Warlocks of old, known for their hatred of children and their love for evil and their curses and evil spells.

In days gone by Witches would have been ducked in water, hanged and possibly burnt at the stake (which the burning at the stake actually didn’t happen that often).

An estimated 200,000 women were accused of witchcraft and were tortured and killed across Europe from 1484 to 1750, after being denounced as heresy by the then pope, this also became a capitol offence in England in 1563. Yet through this period you have difficulty in finding any records of a ‘Warlock’ being treated in such an evil way.

I am glad to say that things have definitely changed for the better and the modern day Witch has become known for being a lover of nature and a carer of life. It would be virtually impossible to know just how many modern witches there are in England alone today, however it must be estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

I personally think the latest growth in numbers can be put down to the new growing fascination with Tarot, Crystals and astrology, which akin to magic, searches for ways to find mystical power and energy.

The number of new Witches I meet, tells me that there is another big change coming as far as the care of the planet is concerned. Though Wicca has been around for a very long time, the numbers of practising witches are growing fast.

I believe the Witches (and hopefully, ‘Warlocks’ too guys?) of today will be the saviours of our lovely planet in the future. After all, the modern Witch cares more for Mother Nature and the power it holds over life. The modern Witch cares about her family and protects them however she can.

She cares about forests and mountains and all its creatures. She cares about the stages of the moon and the idea of connection and communion with Mother Earth. So to all of them (especially the ones I know) thank you for the future of our planet and the prosperity of our children.

My final message to all the guys out there is ‘Bring back our Warlocks’. We need to act too.

John Tolladay.

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