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Wendy Andrews – Goddess Art

Wendy Andrews - Artist

Wendy Andrews, Artist. Image copyright Wendy Andrews

Wendy Andrews has been painting all her life, and she has a degree in fine art from Cheltenham.  It was in the 1980’s that her focus began to shift towards expressing her love of the goddess in her art.  She is now world-renowned for her Goddess and Mythological paintings.

Earth Goddess wall-hanging by Wendy Andrews

Mine all Mine! Earth Goddess wall-hanging, photo by Lenora, image copyright Wendy Andrews

I first came across Wendy’s art by chance when I was browsing in a great little alternative shop in Tynemouth called The Celtic Path.

I was immediately struck by a wall-hanging on display.  The shop owner told me a bit about the artist, and showed me some of her other art – some wonderful moon hare cards (much more affordable, and I have always loved hares)….but my eyes kept straying back to the wall-hanging of the Earth Goddess.

In the end I bought it, I just couldn’t resist it. It just captivated me with its earthy spirituality (and to be fair it wasn’t really that expensive for the size of it).  The lady in the shop also successfully managed to sell me a copy of Wendy Andrew’s Luna Moon Hare book, sight unseen (it wasn’t in stock right then).  She had managed to convince me that everyone who bought it was totally blown away by the art and the story of Luna Moon Hare.

When I finally picked up my copy, I was a bit surprised to see that  it was a children’s book, but nevertheless I was excited to read it because the art was guaranteed to be beautiful.

Luna Moon Hare by Wendy Andrews

Luna Moon Hare by Wendy Andrews

Luna Moon Hare is subtitled A Magical Journey with the Goddess, and it really is a magical journey.  Even though it is aimed at children, I found myself really wrapped up in the story of Luna, who carries the crown of holly king, and then the oak king through the wheel of the year.  The moons of each month are named as are the festivals.  The story is genuinely lovely and poignant and it provides an accessible and memorable introduction to the Goddess and the wheel of the year.

Luna Moon Hare by Wendy Andrews

Luna Moon Hare, photo by Lenora, image copyright Wendy Andrews

I decided to visit Wendy Andrews’ website ‘Painting Dreams‘ and read some of the feedback about the book – it seems that lots of people buy it for children but end up keeping it or ordering another copy for themselves! I can understand this -if you ever get the chance,  I would definately recommend you get a copy of this book.

Wendy also produces a lot of other Goddess and Mythology based art, including sacred animal art and the art of the sacred Masculine.  She also undertakes commissions –  I bought a copy of her Goddess Wheel of the Year, the huge original of which is displayed in the Temple of the Goddess in Glastonbury.

Luna at Beltane

Luna Moon Hare at Beltane, photo by Lenora, image copyright Wendy Andrews

As you can tell, I am a fan of Wendy’s art, I think it is beautiful and inspirational and seems to come from the heart. On a practical level it’s also affordable as she produces everything from greetings cards, wall-hangings to limited addition prints, and one-off commissions.

Oh and my cats quite like her art too:

Goddess Wheel by Wendy Andrews

Goddess Wheel by Wendy Andrews

You can find out more about Wendy Andrews and her Goddess inspired art at her website:

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