'Vibrations Of Galactic Light - A Message From The Unified Field"

Michael was recently a guest on The Other Side of Midnight radio show with Richard C Hoagland. Richard is a world renowned researcher who identified that the likes of the Cydonian city on planet Mars, the region that houses such formations as the famous face, five sided pyramid and Olympus Mons, followed a geometric 19.5 degree pattern.

Although Richard identified this repeating geometric pattern across planet Mars and also on Earth, Michael has identified why, using science, mathematics, spiritual science and a blueprint that he has found throughout our ancestral past. The reason why is catalogued in this book.

In this book Michael also highlights that the whole of the ancient world contains a hidden code put there by higher intelligence's and that these wondrous Earthly monuments and monoliths were not individual projects, in isolation, but all were a part of a much grander design, all working together and all meant to act as one along the energy centers of the planet.

Why have humanity been left a hidden code, and who has put it there, just two of the vitally important questions that are answered in this book…

The message is non-human in origin…


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