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The Old Nick Part 1

Saturday night I joined Just Paranormal at their event at The Old Nick, Gainsborough .

I have to say it was one of the best investigations I have done to date!!

Some of the activity I experienced was just awesome!

I have decided to split the report as it was a long 14 hour investigation with alot of activity!! This is the first report of 3 and it covers the first vigil based in the Theatre area.

We set up lots of equipment in the theatre, REMpods, catballs, K2, motion lights, and my new limited edition kit from Andy Guy at ScireTech.

We introduced ourselves to spirit and began to call out.

Very quickly myself and Keith complained of a headache and a loud bang was heard! I was seated at the end of a row of seats next to some steps... I could feel the force of energy coming towards me and I was very aware of a male energy.... this was confirmed when a member of the other group entered the room! . It was his energy I was picking up on!

As we were calling out asking questions Keith heard a loud deep breath and at the same time all the hairs on my are were standing up!! .....

as we were discussing this between ourselves myself and Keith witnessed one of the theatre chairs, A12, being pushed right down to the seated position where is stayed for around 2-3 seconds before springing back up!! ... the other 4 in the group heard the noise of the seat being moved! ... I was in amazement as I saw it so clearly without any doubt!

We all settled down after the excitement of the seat being put down and moved the camera to watch seat A12. Evie was sat on the stairs behind the camera and Steve noted that he saw an orange flash behind her and at the same time Evie had felt a sensation similar to someone blowing on her neck!! .

Throughout this vigil we were experiencing taps and drip sounds in response to asking questions.

I felt that the energy in the theatre was male and was not an adult..but a older child... and this certainly came to light in the vigil held in the theatre at 7am Sunday morning (see report No.3)

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