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The Old Nick, Gainsborough ( with Just Paranormal ) Part 3

It was Sunday morning, the time was 7am and Evie and myself were the only ones awake in the building... we had been investigating for 12 hours solid by this time!

We decided on a vigil back in the theatre area. We left the lights on for this vigil and set up some REMpods and cat balls around seat A12 where we had experienced activity earlier in the night..(See part 1)

We quickly made contact with what I believed to be a young male. The REMpod was being activated so we used this opportunity to ask spirit if they could use the device to communicate with us using 1 beep for yes and 2 for no.

(See live feed on page)

We used this way of communication and discovered we were talking to a young 12 year old boy named Daniel Thomas. The Alice app was also linking the information together by confirming the name Daniel twice and also the number 12.

Daniel continued to use the REMpod.. I then asked him to go close to another piece of equipment and a cat ball placed on seat A12 was lit up!!

We chatted with Daniel for ages asking him questions... we then began to sing and it was as though Daniel was excited and was joining in ... we were so excited to have such clear and precise continuous answers from Daniel. We ended the vigil singing "if your happy and you know it beep the box" and Daniel did just that!!

I felt emotional when we had to end the vigil, Daniel was a beautiful, happy soul who thoroughly enjoyed communication with us.

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