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The Old Nick, Gainsborough Part 2 (with Just Paranormal )

This report covers vigils held in the cell blocks at The Old Nick .

The cells had a very strange and heavy feeling which we all felt as soon as we entered the area. We gathered in a cell in the Male wing of the building. We all felt a little uncomfortable in here.

It was proving to be fairly quiet so I wandered to the next male cell where I sat quietly, again it was all quiet so I went alone to the officers living area. I took just 1 cat ball with me and i used Spirit talker app.... I sat in the chair and spoke to spirit, just generally chatting and asking questions. I recieved some intelligent responses using Spirit talker and was given the name Paddy when asked.. the cat ball was also activated. I saw a shadow pass by the doorway which I couldn't de bunk! ..

While I was in the living area the rest of the team had stayed in the Male cell where they were receiving very interesting and intelligent responses using Transcend App (I will uploads a video recording of this).

Keith asked "spirit is there a heaven" the answer came through "or Hell" , Steve continued to ask "is there a Heaven and Hell?" Transcend answered immediately "Yes!"

We held a vigil in the interview room. We used role play to recreate a situation, which would have happened historically... I interviewed Keith under caution.. we then went on to do a series of EVp's some of which were very interesting.. we will need to go through these over the next few days to confirm our findings

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