Live Paranormal Workshop - Interactive Classroom

Hosted byHD Paranormal & Eerie EscapesandJayne Harris

Missing the paranormal? 👀

On Friday 17th April Starting at 7pm till 9pm.

Join HD Paranormal & Eerie Escapes with Jayne Harris at their online classroom where you can see and speak to each other while you learn! 💡

In this 2 hour workshop Jayne Harris will deliver the same workshop usually held at Worcester University. All attendees will receive their certificate of completion following the online course.

Topics include:

- The History of Paranormal Investigation

- The role of the Paranormal Investigator

- Extra-Sensory Perception

- Types of Phenomena

- Evaluating Evidence

- What is a Ghost?

- Parapsychology

- Ghost Hunting Gadgets & Tech

- Famous case review - The Enfield Poltergeist

- Pitfalls...what to look out for!

This course is usually 4 hours long so your 2 hour interactive online class will be jam packed with information, fun quizzes, scenarios for debate and more.

Only £10pp - limited to 20 people.


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