Lee Bliss joins up with PARAFlixx!

Lee Bliss is proud to announce that he has now joined forces with PARAFlixx.

Bringing New Premium & Unrivaled Content.

Genres include more than just Paranormal, such as Supernatural, UFO/ET, Spiritual, Cryptid, Horror, Thriller, Mystery/Unexplained, Vampyre, Suspense & more…

A Renowned Team of Executives joining forces to bring forth an unprecedented SVOD Network.

PARAFlixx, Inc. dedicates its name and brand to bring forth premium groundbreaking content of the paranormal genres and types which will attract current enthusiasts, researchers and attract the minds of a new population. The Netflix of the Paranormal. Our fans are not just subscribers, our fans are our family.

Intelligence Meets Entertainment.

PARAFlixx will include all entertainment in these genres including podcast, film, documentary, live-streaming, and series dedicated to premium and ground-breaking content brought by independent film-makers, and established production companies both.

To submit your content to PARAFlixx please goto https://paraflixx.com/

Paranormal Teams in the UK

For the paranormal teams that are wishing to film content for PARAFlixx, Lee Bliss will be offering a reduced rate for his services. If you would like more information please contact HERE .

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