Estes method? Evidence or not?

Updated: Jan 26

Ok so the Estes Method. Can we call it admissable evidence or just open to interpretation?

This is the hands up bit and I have to admit I wasn't a big fan. Checked a few sessions out on youtube and to be fair wasnt impressed.

Until the Team visited The Tivoli the other night and managed to alter my opinion.

Basically a spirit box is started through earbuds and a person becomes "the receiver". To be extra sure some noise blanking headphones are also worn and the subject is also blindfolded. So thats the two favourite tools of the ghosthunter nullified. All the "receiver" has to do is speak out any words they hear while someone fires unheard questions at them. The idea being that any cohesive responses can be logged as evidence of spirit manipulating the spirit box.

As I said earlier I've watched a few and not too impressed with:

Q - Can you tell us your name?

A - Gas fire

Q - Did you work here?

A - Butterflies

Ok so you get what I mean.

Then up steps Gary. Our resident chaperone from The Tivoli. We had set up estes on a team only and Gary was very unconvinced that you couldn't hear anything. Inevitably Gary was promptly seated, blindfolded and wired up to our Sp7.

My opinion was certainly changed that night as Gary started to speak out words he could hear. A short example:

Q. Did you come here much?

A. Fridays

Q. Dancing on a Friday?


Q. What was your favourite music?


Q. Were you in the forces


Q. Were you aircrew or ground?



I have to admit I was sold at this point.

Afterwards Gary confirmed he could not hear a thing and was purely repeating what he heard.

Can it be used as evidence?

In my humble opinion its a yes. Providing the subject has no links to teams or members then certainly. In essence get yourselves a "Gary" and its hard to disprove.

( full interview is available to view on our facebook page - Willows Paranormal)

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