Drakelow Tunnels

Written by Tasha Brown (Author)

Good afternoon everyone, thank you for all your wonderful messages, the headache is clearing slowly...so I think I am able to give you an update on my visit to the awesome place called Drakelow Tunnels. It took a little over three hours to arrive, and I was feeling a little nervous as I had a nightmare that night/morning and had woken screaming! Anyhow I digress, the tunnels are hidden up a lane, the entrance isn't that impressive, LOL I'm not really sure what I was expecting, its literally a cave like semi circle, now bricked up with a doorway to the right hand-side. As you step inside, the darkness shrouds you, there are small areas sectioned off which you walk through to get into the first part of the tunnel. It's dark, like not just black, but DARK, and the smell of damp moist air just seems to hang. A stillness swept over me at first, a strange and almost wary feeling which then shifted and became curious. Passing beneath an old clock which has long since stopped, hands frozen in time, we based ourselves in a kitchen area, where two wrought iron, chandelier light fixtures hang from cross bars. One eerily swaying gently as if to greet us with tentative excitement. I was one of a mere handful never having been here, and so was eager to do the tour, though I missed the beginning, helping a friend...LOL...typical... and had to tag onto another team until our paths crossed...the tunnels are huge, and knowing my sense of direction outside, in dark tunnels...hmmm. So I finally caught up with tour, and actually it worked out because I still didn't know anything about the tunnels which meant that everything I sensed from that point on, was up for validation. The tour ended near the infirmary, a small area which reeked of iodine and something I didn't like, a sort of stale blood stench, I can't quite place it. There (I assume) would have been a pair of swing double doors into the infirmary, but there was just the empty framework. I couldn't cross this threshold. I left the room and sat next door in the base area. Once I had calmed my nerves, I joined another small team who headed out to a place called the escape tunnel, I'm assuming it was called this because of fire/tunnel collapse etc, this would be where you headed if you couldn't reach the main entrance. There was a group already there, sparkling green lights twinkled off the roof and sides of the tunnel. We walked up to the back where the group were getting ready for an EVP session. (I recorder this with my new IR camera so check it out somewhere below.) This group consisted of 4, one being Garry Fields, trance medium...not familiar with him, look him up on FB. I chose to hang around and watch a medium at work. Really it's not a regular thing that you can watch one up close and personal as he/she works, so it was a honour and very informative. Orbs were flying around him and his features seem to change when he was working with spirits...it is just a strange and incredible thing to witness. The team moved off and I followed, heading through tunnels to various areas. Now during the night, I'd seen a few bits and pieces, but we came to what is known as the crossroads...someone died here...I picked up a heavy feeling on my back and neck...apparently there was a tunnel collapse! there was a guy who died, his name starts with an O, at least that's what I saw...in fact the numbers 22 and 0 kept coming up for me all night...unsure why that was... Garry said he would introduce us to a witch, because this section of the tunnel was beneath a pagan burial site! yea spooky right...so I am waiting for this witch when I feel dizzy and unsteady and Garry is stood holding my arm. He asked me a curious question, "How long do you think you've been under?" Ok.............. like I totally don't remember being hypnotized or anything, though I have a head full of peculiar images... he shows me his digital recorder and it reads a little over 22 minutes! The other 3 people in the group seem amused and I'm still waiting to meet this witch! The peculiar dreams seem to grow, an array of woodland, gathering...lavender...I can smell it...the feel of the wind on my face as I gather and place the flowers carefully in a small trug-like basket which is lined with a cloth which I gently wrap over the flowers to protect them. I also see rocks, and they're assembled in a star upon star shape, they've been there a long while because the grass is long around the bases of them. We head off to another section, a dark area where the huge tunnel section is another cross section, I hear boys laughing, teenagers! and at first I think they are playing a game, but they're not playing tag in the dark, they're drunk! It seems the village lads would have found a way into these caves and in the dark got themselves into a bit of mischief. A dark swirling mass, caught my attention and Garry turned to tell me I should face my fears, but as I reluctantly allowed it to swish past me, I heard a familiar voice, that nightmare I'd had that morning, was this thing, trying to keep me away...I was anxious and began to count the beads on my rosary. I had no desire to stand up to this entity but Garry knew what he was doing and I did...not to say I wasn't scared! Another roam and we came upon a bricked up main tunnel section, and guess what...I TOUCHED THE WALL! Ok, ok I know, had I been with the The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, that would have been a no-no! LOL...I actually heard their voices shouting...'Don't touch anything' PMSL! But I touched and got a sense of something I was not sure I would like. Garry said they'd had an 'incident' the last time there at that very point! Yikes...anyhow I was asked to stand firm and he would call what was behind the wall out, he called it an elemental...but this was NO PIXIE!!

Nope I wasn't comfortable at all! BUT as Garry said, if I want to get out into the paranormal world, I have to face those fears head on... During the whole 7 hours I think it was, I had the pleasure of hearing some AMAZING EVPs, I haven't checked mine yet but hope I have some just as good. We heard footsteps, oh gosh it was incredible. The tunnels go in a waffle like formation for about 3.5 miles, originally built for the war efforts, building plane parts if I'm not mistaken, and there was also a whole heap of tunnels not yet opened! It is mind blowing! I learnt so much and somehow Garry was able to clarify things, and also helped me to 'see' a little clearer, visions are flowing rather than having to work quite so hard to get them. He introduced me to automatic writing...woah...mind blown on that one...he thinks I was destined to be there, to help find the story. :) So my lovelies, that's my account, HUGE HUGE thanks to Lee from Just Paranormal for letting me invade LOL... And would I go back? YES in a heartbeat I would...it IS a phenomenal place and thsnk you KEAP Paranormal YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!

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