Awaken the Higher Self by Natalie Jones

A Process to Awaken

One of the greatest challenges is to learn to be mindful; the ability to be aware and in control of the thoughts of the physical mind at all times, exemplifying them to the thoughts of the spiritual mind or the Will. As a person learns to master daily challenges in this way of life, all other energy will fall in line with the universe and begin to work in harmony, including the laws of creation, attraction, opposition, unconditional love, nature and existence~

There are a series of steps and techniques which support this journey to release all negativity and darkness from the past and even past lives. The individual who engages in these healing techniques will be able to move forward in light, release the dark residue, and embrace only the wisdom intended to be learned from any difficult experience.

…Those who work these steps will attain the necessary wisdom to connect to the true life path and purpose—the soul mission

Through the highest vibrations, individuals also come to terms with absolution, meaning nothing happens by coincidence, which develops a higher tolerance to difficult situations and exhilaration for positive ones. The capacity to feel grateful for all experiences, both positive and negative, and the choice to accept what is intended to be learned from them, allows a person to become further sanctified, filled with the light, awaken, and reconnect with the higher self. The negative residue is released instead of internalized into the reality profile. Unconditional love is all there is while fear becomes illusion.

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