A Castle is Cursed...

Written by Catherine Cookson from Willows Paranormal

Nestled quietly in an English village parish, lays the enchanting ruins of the once magnificent Morton Corbet Castle.

The castle over hundreds of years had been built from an imposing fortress into an extraordinarily beautiful family home, a passion for all who lived there.

But one fateful event, that started with kindness and ended with vengeful anger, brought the downfall and abandonment of this loving castle home.

The Lord of the castle at this time was Sir Vincent, a loving family man, respected by his peers and parish villagers for his integrity and kindness and admired far and wide for the work he had carried out in completing his castle home.

One of the parish villagers was a man named Paul and he was in trouble. His religious beliefs made him a target for persecution, and he was fearful for his life. Sir Vincent, whilst not holding the same religious views as Paul felt the persecution from further afield of the village was unfair and so offered Paul sanctuary at his castle.

Over time, Pauls religious ideals became fanatical and so with a heavy heart Sir Vincent had to ask Paul to leave the security of the castle.

Paul left for the nearby woods where he lived in hiding, making shelter from the trees and surviving off the land.

Much time passed and desperation eventually brought Paul out of the woods in the direction of the village, where he came across Sir Vincent.

Filled with rage against the man he blamed for his demise, Paul laid a curse upon Sir Vincent and his home……

“Woe unto thee, hard hearted man,

The lord has hardened thy heart

As he hardened the heart of the Pharaoh, to thy own destruction

Rejoice not in riches, not in monuments of thy pride

For neither thou, not thy children, nor thy children’s children

Shall inhabit these halls

They shall be given up to desolation

Snakes, vipers and unclean beasts shall make it their refuge

And thy home shall be full of doleful creatures”

The curse was set. Nor Sir Vincent and his family or his children’s family were to live in their family home again due to the fear of the curse.

Over years to come, the castle was sparsely occupied, damaged by war and left unloved until eventually abandoned to become the ruin that stands today.

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