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Team Vacancies

Exciting Paranormal Research and Investigation Group. 

Are you fascinated by unexplained phenomena, ghost tales, and inexplicable incidents? Do you yearish to dig deeper, investigate, and seek answers to the unknown? If so, you might just be the person we're looking for. 

Roles and responsibilities:
- Participate in paranormal investigations.
- Conduct thorough research about paranormal activities.
- Collaborate with the team to analyze findings and develop reports. 
- Assist in establishing relationships with witnesses, local historians, and other pertinent contacts. 
- Participate in group meetings and discussions.
- Maintain an open-minded yet skeptical perspective towards cases.

- Must be at least 18 years old.
- Have a genuine interest and belief in the paranormal.
- Able to dedicate significant time to investigations and meetings.
- Must be reliable and committed.
- Must have good communication skills. 

This is a volunteer-based position that does not offer a traditional salary. However, it does offer an opportunity for like-minded individuals to explore their passion for the paranormal, and contribute to the field's understanding.

Contact us HERE to apply. Please include your contact information, any related experience you may possess, and a brief paragraph explaining why you're interested in this position. is an equal opportunity group. We welcome and encourage diversity in our team.

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